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Reliable Residential Locksmith in Philadelphia

Nationwide Automotive Locksmith

In addition to being your best friend for automotive locksmiths of European cars we also offer a complete line of residential locksmith services. Nationwide Automotive Locksmith helps the residence of Philadelphia with emergency lockout services, re keying the locks on your home doors, and updating your home’s security features. We have round-the-clock service for residential locksmiths. Call 24/7 and we will be on the way – (267) 584-5846

Locked Out of Your Home, We Can Get You In

We offer round-the-clock emergency locksmith services in Philadelphia. Nationwide Automotive Locksmith has 24-hour service to get you back inside your car and home today. If you live in a high-rise apartment building then we often work with the building management unless there is no option then we can still get you in quite easily. We are trusted, licensed, bonded and certified to open residential locks in the city of Philadelphia. Way to gain the trust of the city and we want to gain your trust and favorhood with Immaculate service.

Residential Security Locks

Nationwide Automotive Locksmith

if you want maximum security on your front door then we can offer you a range of locks and security features for your home. We can also help you out a locks to different rooms put out your home including closets in bedrooms. We can custom make master keys and match keys for your front door and the doors in your home. Ensuring your safety and your home security is our number one priority. Don’t move into a new building without ensuring that the lock has been recently replaced. Have a lock that can’t be picked so easily. We offer discounts for service on apartment buildings two building managers for frequent use.

Improving Home Security

Nationwide Automotive Locksmith

There are many steps that you can take to improve your home safety and the security of your property. Replacing locks and changing locks when you have lost Keys is a simple and time-tested task. However installing a new deadbolt or improved handle lock can greatly reduce the chances of a break-in. With 21st century Technology advancements improving Our Lives everyday, you might want to opt for smart home devices. Nationwide Automotive Locksmith can help you integrate your home with smart features such as digital keypads and electronic access for your home.

Broken Keys or Keys Spinning in Locks

Nationwide Automotive Locksmith

If you have a novelty key or an older more fragile key that is broken off in your door lock to the your home then we can get it out. We have the right tools to extract keys from any lock in your home including deadbolts and handle locks. We can also extract foreign objects such as gum or other pieces of metal that have got lodged in the keyhole. We can also help you out with misfiring deadbolts and spinning keys in your locks. If your key is spinning and not matching the face surface to turn the locking mechanism then it might be time to replace the cylinder .

Residential Locksmith Services Philadelphia

Not just cars but professional and courteous locksmiths with the knowledge and trustworthiness to help you live in a secured home in Philadelphia. We service apartments, houses, and office units with 24 service when you need us. We specialize in European Automotive Locksmiths but have an exclusive unit dedicated to residential locksmith services.

Reliable Automotive Locksmith Service Philadelphia

Nationwide Automotive Locksmith is proud to be part of the Philadelphia community. When you need outstanding automotive locksmith services for any part of Philadelphia or even east of the river. We make car keys with seamless precision so you can rest assured the duplicates you get from us will work every time. Our emergency services are available 24/7 and you will always be greeted with courteous, friendly service. Call (215) 515-9885 and take control over your vehicle.


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Our emergency services are available 24/7 and you will always be greeted with courteous, friendly service. Call 267-5845846 and take control over your vehicle.
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