Unlocking the Secrets: Expert Tips to Outsmart Locksmith Scams and Keep Your Home Secure

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Millions of Americans find themselves stuck in a lockout situation every day and end up calling a fake locksmith in desperation. A lockout situation can instantly bring anyone into panic mode, and people immediately want to regain access to that door, leading to wrong decisions. Like every other service, locksmith services also have too many scams. Whenever we feel the need for a service at a new place, we always have doubts about the reliability of that service. Locksmith services are no different; many scammers have opened fraudulent locksmith companies to scam people and gain access to their precious territories. They also benefit from your panic and demand much more money than the market rates. Unfortunately, you end up paying higher than usual to solve your problem and regain access to your car, home, or business.

How to spot Locksmith scammers?

As there is a growing number of scammers in every field, we have to be aware of that to make ourselves and our families safe. Most importantly, the lock of your doors is the most crucial thing that must be handed to trustworthy people to have a peaceful life beyond. Nobody wants to ruin their mental peace by calling the wrong locksmiths and facing burglary at their house, business, or car. 

Scammers will generally give some hints regarding their traits. But how to identify a scammer locksmith? How do you know that a locksmith you will hire is a reliable serviceman? Here are some tips that will help you make a wise decision regarding a locksmith and ultimately save you from scammers!

Check for accreditation and certification

The most important thing before handing over your property to any locksmith is to check their ID and license. Many states of America need the rule of having a legal ID or license for a Locksmith. However, authentic locksmiths who want to prove their reliability and provide trustworthy services voluntarily register their business and owns valid liability insurance policy and valid bond. 

No matter how aggressive the situation is, please don’t hire a locksmith company without checking whether it is licensed, bonded, or insured.

  1. They do not own a physical location.

Fake locksmiths do not own a physical location; they will not have any office. They will eventually persuade you that they take orders online and, thus, they do not physically exist. It is a major red flag regarding their fraudulent identity. 

  1. They own a toll-free number.

A toll-free number usually draws everyone’s attention. Therefore, most fraudulent locksmiths own toll-free numbers. Moreover, you will be trapped by saying that one of their service members is just around you, and he will reach you in the minimum possible time to take you out of the panic situation. Also, get an alert if they quote a relatively lower price to trap you. Look for their unmarked vans and cancel your order immediately to protect yourself and your property.

How to avoid them?

  1. Ask your friends

The best way to avoid scammers and get a reliable locksmith service at a new place is to contact your friends who already live in the same or nearby vicinity. They will surely know about some authentic locksmiths and can give you the contact to minimize your hassle. Your trustworthy friends will not suggest you a suspicious company. So before you search for a random locksmith on the internet, ask your friends or other people living in that area to avoid scammers.

  1. Look for genuine reviews. 

If you are unable to ask anyone around you for a reference for a reliable locksmith, then you must pay attention to the genuine reviews on their website. Many fake companies generate fake reviews on their website that are vague and non-descriptive. Check the time of their first review, and are they publishing it regularly? The company would be trustworthy if the last review was recently posted and seemed authentic by its description.

  1. Check the locksmith’s vehicle.

Most fake locksmiths do not own a van. Their service car is a common public car which is a major red flag. If you witness an unmarked locksmith vehicle that seems suspicious, stop there and say goodbye to them. They usually hire untrained and non-professional local contractors for the requested services who will surely damage or harm your door locks.

  1. Ask for a written cost assessment.

Asking for a written cost estimate is necessary before handing over the task to a locksmith. The majority of the fake locksmith do not own a professional payslip. They will quote you the prices verbally without any written cost estimation. They will quote a very low price for their services to grab your attention and make you instantly place the order just by getting fascinated with their minimal prices. Never get stuck in that trap because paying higher is always better than getting scammed. 

  1. Trust your instinct 

Our sixth sense always symbolizes the red flag, but we often ignore it. If something doesn’t seem right, or if you feel pressured or uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to call another locksmith or the police. Always trust your instinct and immediately call off that locksmith service that doesn’t seem right.


Locksmith scams are unfortunately common and can leave you out of pocket for unnecessary or overpriced service. Moving to a new place can be overwhelming and exciting simultaneously, but if you come into a lockout situation at a new location, then the panic and terror are ten times higher. But keeping your mind sane is the real key to dealing with such a situation because locksmith scammers are always in search of such people who desperately hire them in their need. Always search for the red flags and if you find any, stop there and cancel all your agreements with them.

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